In 1994, the Bald Knob Public Education Foundation, Inc. was formed by a group of community leaders.  As a non-profit foundation, funds are invested in an endowment account.  Only earnings from the funds invested are used for scholarships keeping the principal intact in perpetuity.  The governing board of the Foundation believes this scholarship endeavor is a worthwhile investment not only in our community but in our country as a whole.  The total number of scholarships will be determined by scholarship money available for the current year.

Students at Bald Knob Public Schools are very fortunate to have a community that supports education.  Endowed scholarships have been established in the names of the following people - their legacy will go on...

Bald Knob Public Education Foundation is pleased to work with families and groups to provide scholarships at any time. The following scholarships are also available for students. 

New Scholarships are being award this year.

Additional scholarships are awarded as funds are available by the Bald Knob Public Education Foundation.