Mrs. Lena Roetzel Wilkison

Mrs. Lena Roetzel Wilkison’s teaching career spanned 50 years. She taught Social Studies at BKHS for 23 years from 1945 until her retirement in 1968.  She was devoted to her students and made history come alive in the classroom. She was a strict disciplinarian, but used her artistic abilities to involve her students in projects that made them want to learn.  “Miss Lena” as she was affectionately called, had many hobbies and used these to inspire students.  She was an accomplished artist and well known for her painting and ceramics. 

As Mrs. Wilkison was awarded Citizen of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce in 1995 she said, “I believe anyone willing to work hard for their education deserves a chance to do so.”  She was dedicated to providing educational opportunities for all students and was instrumental in originating of the Foundation.