Facts About Bald Knob

Did you know . . . ?

  • Bald Knob School District is a 3A school district with approximately 1,226 students in White County with one elementary, middle, and high school.  Bald Knob offers an alternative K-12 program, S.O.A.R, Standing Out Above the Rest.
  • We employ approximately 102 certified staff members and 78 classified staff members.
  • The Bald Knob School District recently increased bandwidth to 150 megs to ensure student and teacher access. 
  • We have well-maintained facilities. We recently completed construction of a safe room that is used during the day for elementary P.E. After hours it is available to the public in the event of severe weather. The C.C. Hunnicutt Auditorium has been renovated with changes made to the stage, backstage, lighting and sound systems. A new cafeteria for middle school and high school is currently in the planning stages.

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