Connie A. Gordon Memorial Scholarship

Connie A. Gordon Memorial Scholarship (1948 - 2010) Connie became interested in teaching when her son started kindergarten at Bald Knob. She signed up as a substitute teacher and enjoyed working with the children so much that she decided to get her Elementary Education Degree from Lyon College and Harding College. Twenty years later she started her Master’s Degree and even though she became very sick she was determined to complete it. She believed that one should finish what is started. No one can imagine the satisfaction she got from inspiring young children during her 22 years of teaching at Bald Knob. Every year, in her words, she had the sweetest class ever. Working in public service was something she thought everyone should do, even if that meant volunteering or mentoring as much as possible. Connie was planning an annual college scholarship and asked that it be awarded to a student or students who are planning to go into the education field or service related career. Helping someone else achieve their potential was her daily motivation.